How to Rank a Website Without Using Backlinks

Numerous articles have been written on SEO and its practices, including the ones on BHW SEO strategies. However, it’s imperative that one has to understand every small detail surrounding the SEO strategy for making their website rank good.

We’ve all heard the Google’s drumbeat saying, marketers around the world should stop focusing on building links. It’s pretty much accepted that you should avoid manipulative link building to rank higher in search results. This is because external link isn’t important in Google’s ranking algorithms and link building can be safely ignored.

Here are a few ways that could help you get a good ranking for your website in the search results:

Ways to rank without backlinks:

There are several ways to rank a website without the use of backlinks. Here are a few popular SEO strategies without involving backlinks:

  • Focus on zero competition words: Sometimes, you might find certain keywords that are too weak to be found on a search result. Use such keywords along with their exact matching domains for optimizing your articles. This will surely put your website on Google’s front page. However, it‘s rare to find such weak keywords that have zero competition in the world of SEO.
  • Use keywords with good search volume: When there is no weak keyword in your domain, the next best option is to look for a keyword that has a minimum of 500-1000 searches in a month. Once done, optimize for this keyword and see where your website ranks on Google’s search page. One thing to note is the focus shifts from competition to volume.
  • Come up with unbelievable content: There are a lot of websites on the internet with impeccable content and SEO friendly articles. However, these sites often don’t feature in the top of a Google search result. But, you also need to know that creating exemplary content is not something that can be done on a daily basis, especially when the goal is to rank the website without using backlinks.
  • Ancient domains bring in more traffic: Are ancient domains still a good thing, or just something of the past? The answer is yes! Ancient domains continue to gain traffic till this day. In case you come across an old domain and use it further as a niche website, there’s a possibility of ranking high because you get more visitors.
  • Make use of country codes in domains: If you have a country code in your domain, it will definitely help your site rank well in that targeted country. This methods works extremely well for reaching out to a targeted geographical location.

A step-by-step guide to SEO without backlinks:

All the above mentioned ways have been combined to form a strategy that would essentially allow a website, or any website for that matter, to rank well without the use of backlinks. If you’re new to SEO, these steps might help you work your way through ranking your website:

  • Search for a keyword that gets at least 1k search volume for a month. This particular keyword can be used in your article. This volume is low enough to keep things from getting too competitive, but also ensures that you get significant traffic on the website.
  • The next step is to pick a domain that you have already registered, or go for one that has been abandoned and registered for a long time period of at least a year. Here, the strategy is to simply make the website rank without using any backlinks.
  • Next, create at least 20 high-quality articles, each of at least 500 – 1000 words, focused on comparatively similar keywords. The main goal here is to create some exceptional content, without going overboard on any other fronts.

You would probably need to follow these “Page On-Level Factors”:

  • Always remember, the title tag is a webpage’s second most important content, next to a keyword.
  • H1 tags are mostly “second title tags” that send another relevancy signal to Google.
  • Keyword density is something that helps Google to determine the topic of a web page. But, don’t go overboard because it might affect your websites safety.
  • Each image on the web page sends the search engines, like Google, important relevancy signals through their file name, alt text, title, description, and caption

Once you are familiar with all these ways and methods, you can start working your way through your own SEO and make your page rank well without any backlinks. Now it’s time for you to try out all these methods and make your website a star in Google’s eyes!